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What is PDR?
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a method of removing minor dents and dings from vehicles without the use of paint. A PDR technician uses pressure and leverage to massage the underside/backside of the panel to remove imperfections keeping the factory paint intact.

What are the benefits of PDR?
Inexpensive: fraction of the cost of traditional dent repair
Time Savings: most work can be repaired in as little as one day.
Environmentally Friendly: no body fillers or paint is used.
Long term solution: retains the value of the vehicle as the factory paint remains intact and no risk of incorrect paint matching.

Will my paint be damaged?
PDR work does not damage the paint of your vehicle. PDR work allows you to keep your factory paint.

Will my dents come back?
No, once a dent has been properly removed with PDR it will not come back.

Can any dent be fixed?
Not all dents can be repaired using PDR. To determine if a dent can be fixed a technician will determine how deep and sharp the dent is, along with the location.

How long do repairs take?
A typical job can be completed start to finish in 1-4 hours. A standard hail job may take 1-3 days.

Can a vehicle be repaired more than once using PDR?
Yes, there are no issues having your vehicle repaired more than once with PDR.

Does Elite Dent Repair work with insurance?
Yes, we work with all insurance companies.

Will my hail damage claim raise my insurance premiums?
No, hail storms are classified as Acts of God and would be covered under your comprehensive coverage.